Theragun Massager Vlog: You need it

This weekend, I picked up my wedding dress, danced with Brent, pierced my ears, and fixed my posture. This is not an ad or sponsored post. Theragun has no idea who I am, but if they need a spokesperson I can move my shoulders and sit up straight.

Link to theragun “open box” items:

Candace Cameron Bure is a bigot, but so are most Christians…

Besides getting married being the main thing taking up my brain, I’ve wanted to write about things I’ve listened to or researched, like Mormonism and cessationism. You know, light topics. 🙂 I cannot gather thoughts on those as I need to figure out where to begin. It would be like trying to sweep the ocean,…

How dusty blue ties almost destroyed a marriage

Ok, the title is extreme and it’s not true. If your marriage depends on it there are other major problems.Dang. I last published a blog over a month ago! I had written a blog about an angel lady I sat next to on the flight from Spokane, but it got deleted while in drafts, and…

The trustworthy pilot: The plane did not crash

I started this post on a flight to Spokane, Washington, to visit my cousin Emily after my canceled trip in February! It’s been a marathon of a day, but thankfully all has gone well thus far in my travels.On my flight to Dallas, I did not have much else to do except think, which led…

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